Year: 2020

Remember. It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint

Many agencies are in a febrile state right now. Holding onto existing clients at all costs has probably replaced trying to find new, new clients. What is a new, new client anyway and why can’t it just be a new client?

Magic Numbers for Marketing Agencies

It turns out that there are consistent performance indicators that agency leaders can use virtually to ensure financial security. In case you haven’t come across them, I’ve laid them out here.

Buckle Up. It’s Going to Get Rough

Time was when professional trade bodies acted as cheerleaders for their industry. Not anymore if the interview Francis Ingham, director general of the PR trade body PRCA recently gave is anything to go by. In his rather doom-laden interview on the PRMoment podcast Francis predicted that the PR industry would lose 5,000 jobs owing to Covid.

If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying

Plant machinery lying idle generates no revenue (a negative) but it also extends the life of the asset (a positive).  A knowledge worker lying idle (ie, furloughed) also generates no revenue (a negative) but their knowledge can also ‘degrade’ (so another negative).

Drum Horse Already At A Gallop

Perhaps it’s his love of horse riding, but Charlie Trietline, the Managing Director of our latest company, Drum Horse, likes to move at speed. Here’s what he has achieved in his first few two weeks in the job.

Same Consumers Different Attitude

The Battle of Britain. D Day. Covid-19. Will the nation’s reaction to the current pandemic define us as much as other episodes in our history? I think so. Here’s why. When we emerge from this period of self-isolation, we’ll be a changed nation. Probably for the better and one that marketers and their brands will need to react to – swiftly – if we are to continue to ‘catch the mood’. Here’s a few things we’ll need to factor into our revised marketing strategies.