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Cinderella You Will Go To The Ball

Among many other things, China manufacturers most of the world’s wedding dresses. So the country’s draconian self-isolation will soon lead to a global shortage.  Meaning wedding dresses will fail to arrive in shops or be available from online retailers.

Specialist ABM Consultancy Strengthens Strategic B2B Services

12 November 2019, London – Selbey Anderson has strengthened its strategic business-to-business marketing services by launching a consultancy specialising in strategic account-based marketing (ABM). Called Incubai Consulting, the new firm is led by Samantha Andrews, who has held senior positions at two of the UK’s leading ABM agencies.

Forecasting is a Fool’s Game

Its over thirty one years ago since weatherman Michael Fish made his fateful broadcast. During his lunchtime TV slot he confidently reassured viewers that no hurricane was on its way. How (spectacularly) wrong he was became obvious just a matter of hours later, when the country was battered by the greatest storm witnessed in three centuries.