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It’s Time To Dust Off Those Business Cards

“Industry networking”. You either loved it or you hated it, but the chances are if you’re working in a marketing agency you’re probably not doing it right now. Which is a shame, because it was always seen as a good way to get on in your career, to find new business for your agency and […]

Remember. It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint

Many agencies are in a febrile state right now. Holding onto existing clients at all costs has probably replaced trying to find new, new clients. What is a new, new client anyway and why can’t it just be a new client?

Buckle Up. It’s Going to Get Rough

Time was when professional trade bodies acted as cheerleaders for their industry. Not anymore if the interview Francis Ingham, director general of the PR trade body PRCA recently gave is anything to go by. In his rather doom-laden interview on the PRMoment podcast Francis predicted that the PR industry would lose 5,000 jobs owing to Covid.

If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying

Plant machinery lying idle generates no revenue (a negative) but it also extends the life of the asset (a positive).  A knowledge worker lying idle (ie, furloughed) also generates no revenue (a negative) but their knowledge can also ‘degrade’ (so another negative).

Same Consumers Different Attitude

The Battle of Britain. D Day. Covid-19. Will the nation’s reaction to the current pandemic define us as much as other episodes in our history? I think so. Here’s why. When we emerge from this period of self-isolation, we’ll be a changed nation. Probably for the better and one that marketers and their brands will need to react to – swiftly – if we are to continue to ‘catch the mood’. Here’s a few things we’ll need to factor into our revised marketing strategies.

Survival is Good – Profit is Better

Think like a bull, not a bear. After shoring up key accounts, all of marketers’ immediate work should focus on just two things. One; make it easy for people to find you themselves and two; make sure you’ve got the mechanisms in place to encourage referral.

Be Careful What You Cut…

Be Careful What You Cut | Selbey Anderson Ltd

Being in the marketing business, a lot of my friends are asking me how we are coping through this crisis. They have heard that the first thing that marketing budget is the first things that gets cut in hard times. Like many simple sayings, this saying is too simple.

Cinderella You Will Go To The Ball

Among many other things, China manufacturers most of the world’s wedding dresses. So the country’s draconian self-isolation will soon lead to a global shortage.  Meaning wedding dresses will fail to arrive in shops or be available from online retailers.