The Best Customer Relationship? Client Love

The Best Customer Relationship? Client Love

Sophy NorrisGroup Client Director, Selbey Anderson
The Best Customer Relationship? Client Love

“Progressive companies stay closely connected to customer needs – a powerful filter through which to make investment decisions,” states the much heralded and oft quoted Harvard Business Review (HBR) article Roaring out of the Recession.

And it is true, particularly in service focused industries like those in the Selbey Anderson fold. Marcomms consultancies survive and thrive thanks to their client portfolio and the strength of their customer relationship management. Understanding client requirements, delivering excellence, anticipating their needs, thinking beyond their brief and providing insight and counsel are the cornerstones of exceptional client management and turn what can be a transactional relationship into a long-term commitment. Client love is all. 

And client love is even more “all” in times of global uncertainty. We are living in an age of RUPT which, cheeringly, stands for Rapid, Unpredictable, Paradoxical and Tangled. I.E. Chaos - when so much that was sure becomes unsure. Clients seek safe harbour during times of turmoil, so creating integral relationships is critical. 

Opportunity is the companion of chaos 

The companion to chaos is not so much panic as it is opportunity. And those of us working in creative industries, where invention and innovation is part of the DNA, sit on the frontline of that change. No one is better placed to guide and advise clients on the new roles of engagement and how best to maximise them. 

Understanding how the shifting world affects brands is crucial if we are to counsel on how to respond and behave. Geopolitics is now the talk of the kitchen (and boardroom) table and issues once the preserve of the few are now the daily concerns of the many. The economy has become personal, the world is (literally) on fire, inclusion and diverse representation are musts, brands are expected to advocate and stakeholder capitalism is being thrust centre stage*. 

To work with a partner against such a backdrop requires established fundamentals: extreme levels of trust; total transparency; strategic counsel; people-centricity and singular execution. Perceived wisdom (as well as the HBR, Mark Ritson et al) tells us that brands that invest in marketing and communications during times of trouble come out on top. That same wisdom tells us that these brands don’t only invest, but do so in the right things, with the right people whilst simultaneously and prudently interrogating budgets and streamlining functions. 

Client love conquers all 

And so we circle back to the critical importance of the customer relationship (Client Love). Deep relationships don’t only weather storms they harness them because the fundamentals are at the core of every interaction and touchpoint. And deep relationships are what Selbey Anderson is all about, helping create real difference for clients operating in and across complex markets. They are delivered both at an individual agency level and now at a group level, enabling us to counsel and deliver from the inside out and the outside in. 

Never has it been more important to invest in client love than now, to viscerally show how seriously we take our client’s business and success and how committed we are to it. Which is why Selbey Anderson has created the role of Group Client Director dedicated to listening to, championing, and acting on the needs of the exceptional clients in our stable. 

As its Valentine’s Day, we could have shown some client love with flowers and chocolates. But this felt a little more meaningful, and meaning is – of course - what it is all about. 

*Check out Seleby Labs excellent Making sense of... trust Report for more on what the changing world means for brands. 

Sophy Norris
Sophy Norris
Group Client Director, Selbey Anderson

Sophy has an impressive track record in PR and communications and most recently was MD of Selbey Anderson agency Unity.  Across her career she has worked with some of the world's best brands including Eurotunnel, Amadeus, AT&T, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Global Recycling Day, trivago and Her focus is on strategic and creative planning, and she brings excitement, innovation and rigour to the award winning campaigns she works on. Now, as Group Client Director for Selbey Anderson, Sophy will be taking a strategic and client-first approach to the expanding Group portfolio and opportunities.  

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