Selbey Anderson Structures for Faster Growth

Selbey Anderson Structures for Faster Growth

Simon QuarendonChief Operating Officer, Selbey Anderson
Selbey Anderson Structures for Faster Growth

Following 160% growth in FY 2021, Selbey Anderson has re-engineered its management structure to facilitate even faster growth. The marketing services group has adopted a new corporate governance framework which devolves even more policy formulation and decision making to agency management.

The new framework’s purpose is to introduce greater transparency to decision making and commit all staff to meeting even higher standards of ethical behaviour.

The new corporate governance framework comprises three main areas, and was approved by the Selbey Anderson board in March 2022.

New Executive Board Oversees Day-to-Day Management of Group

The framework creates a new executive board to oversee the day-to-day management of the group. The executive board currently comprises co-founders Dom Hawes as Chief Executive Officer and Simon Quarendon as Chief Operating Officer. They will shortly be joined by a new Chief Finance Officer and other C-suite personnel including a new Chief Talent Officer.

The executive board reports to the main Selbey Anderson board whose responsibilities have been made more explicit under the terms of the new corporate governance framework.

Committees To Advise Exec Board on Adopting Appropriate Policies

Two new Committees have been set up to support corporate governance; an ESG/CSR Committee – to be chaired by Greentarget joint MD Dafina Grapci-Penney and an audit & compliance committee, to be chaired by an external appointee.

These new committees join the three already established.

The remuneration committee, chaired by former Moore Kingston Smith Partner, Mandy Merron. The investment committee, chaired by former Chairman, Cameron Ogden. The revitalised agency management committee, that will continue to be chaired by Greentarget joint MD, Jeff Watt.

These committees will make recommendations to the executive board on a range of issues that will subsequently be adopted as policies. The committees will be made up of MDs and senior personnel drawn from the agencies, augmented by external consultants and advisors.

Written Policies Inspire Confidence Amongst Investors, Staff and Clients

As part of the corporate governance framework, the group has adopted a new ‘Code of Business Ethics and Conduct’. This code documents the principles of conduct and ethics that the group now expects be followed by all employees, officers and directors of the company and its subsidiary companies.

The code forms part of a comprehensive set of policies, codes and statements covering a wide range of employment and business-related issues.

Employment related polices include the all-important equality and diversity policy together with, amongst others, an anti-corruption & bribery policy, whistle-blower policy and bullying & harassment policy.

Business related policies include data protection and network security policies.

Commenting on the new corporate governance framework, Selbey Anderson’s CEO, Dom Hawes said: “Investors, staff and client all expect Selbey Anderson to adopt, meet and adhere to the highest standards of ethical behaviour possible. This new framework sets the bar that bit higher and holds us collectively to account.

“As importantly, it provides a more transparent decision-making environment that will, in turn, lead to better quality decisions being made faster.

“I’m particularly excited at the prospect of the various committees being able to ‘drill down’ onto those issues that most impact on us as a business and advise the management team accordingly.

“This both talks to one of our key ideals of ‘locality’, but also reduces the need to carry an expensive central overhead.”

Simon Quarendon
Simon Quarendon
Chief Operating Officer, Selbey Anderson

As Group COO, Simon brings a wealth of agency experience specialising in the communications, PR and technology sectors. With some of the world’s largest brands as former clients, Simon has built and managed global agency teams over 30 years. He is involved with each of the agencies and supports their leadership teams to deliver what he refers to as his ‘Agency Holy Trinity’: account planning, creativity and client relations.

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