Unicorny Ep1 - Scale-up marketing and communications

Unicorny Ep1 - Scale-up marketing and communications

Selbey AndersonIndependent Marketing Group

Valentina tells the amazing growth story behind OakNorth and how, as communications lead, she's built an authentic and differentiating brand identity that communicates the rapidly expanding digital lender’s core values.

Valentina Kristensen has worked directly with OakNorth’s co-founders, Rishi Khosla and Joel Perlman since June 2015 when the business launched. It's now a global multi-billion-dollar FinTech business so her insights come "straight from the unicorn's mouth".

It’s time to admit that hybrid isn’t working
Camilla Cavendish

Valentina is OakNorth’s Director of Growth and Communications. She's a self-professed FinTech nerd and a founding editorial board member of Influence Magazine, the CIPR’s quarterly member magazine.

Selbey Anderson
Selbey Anderson
Independent Marketing Group

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