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Drum Horse Already At A Gallop

Perhaps it’s his love of horse riding, but Charlie Trietline, the Managing Director of our latest company, Drum Horse, likes to move at speed. Here’s what he has achieved in his first few two weeks in the job.

Cinderella You Will Go To The Ball

Among many other things, China manufacturers most of the world’s wedding dresses. So the country’s draconian self-isolation will soon lead to a global shortage.  Meaning wedding dresses will fail to arrive in shops or be available from online retailers.

Who’ll Be The King of The Hill in 2020?

‘King of the Hill’ is an old children’s game that involved one player trying to stay on top of the hill while all the other players tried to knock them off and take their place, thus becoming the new King of the Hill. The game could get quite rowdy and has probably now gone the same way as conkers and ‘Bulldog’. (ie, no longer allowed).

New Podcast Aims To Help Marketers Boldly Go

Agencies should ask their clients more questions in 2020 and clients might want to give their agencies more space. Those were just two of the New Year’s Resolutions that Selbey Anderson founders Dom Hawes and Simon Quarendon and their guest, Julian Roberts suggested to listeners of the January edition of their podcast series; Marketing Trek.

Fast Start for Selbey Anderson

Selbey Anderson has acquired three agencies within three months of opening its doors for business. The three agencies are drawn from across the creative spectrum and collectively employ thirty-two staff with annualised revenues of £4.2million. The three agencies, which were acquired during December, January and February, are; Greentarget, Orckid and Hartley-Stone.

We have lift off… Selbey Anderson Completes First Round Fund Raise

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve successfully completed our first round of fund raising and will be announcing our first acquisitions in the next few weeks. Our new investors are committed to supporting us over the long term and with their active support we can now execute our business plan of acquiring up to six creative agencies each year.