Headline sponsor of B2B Marketing’s Ignite event

Dom Hawes | June 29, 2021

Selbey Anderson is excited to confirm our headline sponsorship for B2B Marketing’s 2021 Ignite event.

Held virtually between 30th June and 1st July 2021, the event sees a host of B2B marketing experts from a range of sectors discuss and share ideas on the topics and trends of the moment including marketing operations, customer experience, insight, campaigns, and growth.

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Dominic Hawes, CEO, Selbey Anderson says: “Last year’s Ignite event was a seminal moment for me. We were in the middle of lockdown, and I didn’t think it was possible to continue business as usual. And then Ignite came along. At that show I met more thought leaders, more interesting people, more clients with a perspective than I’d spoken to in weeks if not months. I knew then that I needed to be involved again in some capacity.”

As part of Selbey Anderson’s sponsorship, our Chairman Robert Senior will take to the virtual stage in a keynote session to discuss utility and magic in B2B marketing. Meanwhile Flagship Consulting’s Mark Pinnes and joint Managing Directors of Greentarget Dafina Grapci-Penney and Jeff Watt will be running lunch time sessions on using PR to drive B2B performance marketing and reputation management in the social media age respectively.

Further details on the Selbey Anderson sessions can be seen below.

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We look forward to seeing you there.

Balancing Utility and Magic in B2B Marketing | Robert Senior, Chairman Selbey Anderson | Wednesday 30th June, 10:30-11:00

In an era of algorithmic, technology-enabled performance marketing, COVID 19 has had the unexpected effect of reinforcing the power and importance of brand and creativity. But not necessarily as we might remember it. So, what are the implications for clients on seeking the optimum balance of utility and magic, and what are the implications on agencies to attract and inspire the very best talent? Goliath, meet David.

The key takeaways from this session are:

    • The COVID effect on brands, tech and talent
    • Why we’re now in the age of specialists vs generalists
    • Serendipity as a competitive advantage

From Challenger to Category-Leader. Using PR to drive B2B performance marketing | Mark Pinnes, Managing Director Flagship Consulting | Wednesday 30th June, 13:05-13:35

ESET is on track to be the leading cybersecurity commentator in top-flight UK media for the 24th consecutive month. It uses this output to help drive an integrated sales and marketing approach that delivers business results across all customer categories.

Join Mark Pinnes, Managing Director Flagship Consulting, as he shares key lessons on:

    • Why this strategy matters and the customer insights to support this
    • How to integrate PR into performance marketing
    • How to apply a scientific test-and-learn mindset to PR
    • The role of customer research in PR to help establish a challenger brand
    • The lessons he learnt along the way

Years to build, seconds to destroy: A fireside chat on reputation management in the social media age I Dafina Grapci-Penney and Jeff Watt, Joint Managing Directors, Greentarget | Thursday 1st July, 13:05–13:35

 As the media landscape continues to evolve, the divisions between traditional and social media are increasingly blurred. Multi-channel distribution has increased the complexity of communications, but it has also opened up more avenues for brands to get their message across. But what are the consequences of disintermediating the media as the original influencers? And what happens if the same multi-channel tools are used to undermine a brand and spread misinformation?

Join Dafina Grapci-Penney and Jeff Watt, Joint Managing Directors Greentarget, for this fireside chat on:

    • Why reputations are more important than ever with shorter news cycles and rising social media influence?
    • What are the basics of effective brand building?
    • Mastering new channels and how to use them effectively
    • Mitigating social media risk