Winning Companies Don’t Cut Their PR Budgets

Simon Quarendon| May 13, 2020

“PR is no longer an option” so said Mark Pinnes, Flagship Consulting’s Managing Director and the invited guest on Selbey Anderson’s latest podcast.  

The sixth to be recorded by co-hosts Dom Hawes and Simon Quarendon, this episode focused on the increasingly strategic role that public relations can play in shaping not just an organisation’s reputation but increasingly its business strategy too. And this episode’s guest speker was adamant on one point in particular, “winning companies don’t cut their PR budgets”.

The eighteen minute interview covered a range of topics including why:

  • reputation is a C-suite issue
  • an organisation’s structure dictates how it handles PR
  • content should be data-driven and current
  • PR is not a stop/start activity. (“Stop and you lose ground”).
  • Covid-19 is causing a re-ranking of priorities and audiences

Ep 6: ‘Why PR is Not Optional with Mark Pinnes’ is available to listen on the show’s website, It’s also available on a growing number of podcast platforms including Spreaker, Apple Podcasts, Google Spotify, Deezer, SoundCast,  iHeartRADIO and Podbean.

Simon Quarendon
Simon Quarendon

Simon has over 30 years track record in agency including; founding, building, buying and selling. He has run global accounts for top-tier multi-national agencies and advised clients drawn from all areas: from national governments and Blue Chips to SMEs and NGOs.


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