Episode 12: CSATs and NPS are Garbage. Discuss.

Dom Hawes | February 9, 2021

These days we’re all massively over-surveyed. We get why companies are obsessed with the happiness of their customers, but is sending another survey the best way of finding out?

Marketing Trek has a major issue with CSATs and NPS scores – these being customer satisfaction surveys and Net Promoter Scores. We think that in most cases, they are a waste of time and where they are not, they’re not being properly implemented.

But, we’re open to persuasion, so we assembled a panel of experts to argue the case. Are CSATs and NPS garbage? Please join us to hear Shane Redding (Owner of Think Direct), Nick Taylor (European Marketing Director at Emerson) and Elaine Lee (Managing Director of Reynolds, Busby, Lee) talk turkey about this important subject.