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Making sense of a changing world.

The world is increasingly complex, and Selbey Labs helps clients make sense of it with practical, useful and effective strategies to adapt, evolve and thrive.

We look at macro trends, key sector and market trends and in-depth audience insights to make sense of a changing world. Using a dynamic blend of data, behaviour, culture and brand insights, Selbey Labs delivers a deep identification and understanding of emerging opportunities and threats, giving clients more time to prepare and/or react.

To do this, Selbey Labs takes a holistic approach, beginning with machine and human learning to unearth deeper truths about audiences, culture, markets and brands before moving to hypotheses that can be tested and verified in our lab environment. This allows us to generate valuable and useful ideas.

Ultimately, our goal is to bring clarity to inform future strategies, campaigns, products and services, ensuring that our clients remain resilient and successful.

We’ll regularly publish trend reports, whitepapers and research focusing on macro-trends, key socio-economic drivers, markets, audiences and culture.

Our ‘Making Sense of…’ trend reports are intended as an introduction to our thinking, and will cover the following topics:

  • Innovation & Catalytic Thinkers
  • Trust & Authenticity 
  • Future Cities
  • Wellness Economy
  • Mobility
  • Hospitality 
  • Future of Work
  • Retail Futures 
  • Future of Entertainment
  • Future of Food & Drink 
  • Fintech & Insurtech 

We’ll be hosting a series of events driven by our work and reports. Our first event will look at Anticipatory Leadership in partnership with the Copenhagen Institute of Futures Studies in London later this year. 

Our approach is always to help our clients make sense of the topic and gain useful, relevant and actionable insights and ideas that can drive growth and value.



  • Gerry Hopkinson
    Gerry HopkinsonCEO

    Following a successful career in communications, including co-founding award-winning agency Unity (now part of the Selbey Anderson Group), Gerry set up Selbey Labs in April 2022. Through his work at Unity over the past two decades he has developed a perspective on the role of brands in culture, the importance of observation and benefits of testing and learning.

  • Sean Pillot de Chenecey
    Sean Pillot de CheneceyHead of Foresight & Strategy

    Sean is a strategist, author and speaker. Fascinated by the catalysts of social & cultural change, he has a deep level of knowledge re: ‘Now/Next/Why’. As a public speaker, he focuses on trust (re: his book The Post-Truth Business) and/or innovation (re: his book Influencers & Revolutionaries). His talks also link to his podcast #TheNewAbnormal.

  • Helen Pillot de Chenecey
    Helen Pillot de CheneceyInsights & Trends Researcher

    Helen has worked both agency and client-side in trend forecasting and qualitative research roles, bringing her extensive knowledge of consumer attitudes/behaviour and product/service innovation, across numerous sectors and territories. Her attention to detail is born out of a passion and strong background in visual research and product development.

  • Ian Henderson
    Ian HendersonChief Creative Officer

    Endlessly fascinated by business, brands and human behaviour, Ian brings extensive experience to his role as chief creative officer. He has run agencies at Publicis Groupe (in London and New York) and Engine Group. He often comments at conferences and in the media.

Partners & Faculty

  • Carsten Beck
    Carsten BeckFuturist Lead

    Carsten has been working with trend analysis and scenario processes at The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (CIFS) for more than 30 years, in more than 30 countries. The themes Carsten has been working with all relate to how trends shape the future for organisations, companies, and societies. Carsten has done scenario processes in retail, HR, finance, business-to-business, governments and NGOs. His key priority is how to drive processes that enable clients to prepare for the future. These clients include organisations in global retail, governments, industrial conglomerates, cultural organisations, rock festivals, tourist organisations, the transport industry, IT and more.

  • Dr Elizabeth Stephens
    Dr Elizabeth StephensGeopolitical Risk Advisory Lead

    Dr Elizabeth Stephens is an investment and country risk advisor and Managing Director of Geopolitical Risk Advisory, a geopolitical tech company. Elizabeth works with commercial and philanthropic clients in the development of corporate strategy and planning across a range of sectors and geographies, to effectively manage and mitigate risk. Her specialist knowledge encompasses the drivers of geopolitics change, including cryptocurrencies, the decentralisation of financial institutions and the geopolitics of decarbonisation.

  • Dr Rachel Lawes
    Dr Rachel LawesSocial Psychology Lead

    Dr Rachel Lawes is a futurist, a social psychologist and one of the original founders of British commercial semiotics. She supplies brand and marketing strategy to businesses such as Unilever, P&G, Kraft, Nike and Diageo, as well as clients in specialised sectors such as pharmaceuticals and finance. A regular international conference speaker, she is the author of two landmark books; "Using Semiotics in Marketing" (2020) and "Using Semiotics in Retail" (2022), both published by Kogan Page. Based in London, UK, she is a Fellow of the Market Research Society. Her company, Lawes Consulting Ltd, marks its 20th anniversary in 2022.

  • Georgina Lee
    Georgina LeeInnovation Lead

    Georgina Lee combines expertise in design, innovation and ageing. She believes cross-generational innovation is central to social and economic impact. Following a highly successful career in design, where she co-founded the ground-breaking design studio This Is Real Art, she has been leading thought and action in the areas of age bias, age diversity and the development of future strategies, products and services to enable us all to live longer, healthier and happier lives. She sits on the BSI working group looking into age inclusive standards, the ISO working group on inter-generational workforces and is a Trustee of the Do It Foundation, a social enterprise whose technology helps people to do good and feel healthier and happier.

  • Alan McCulloch
    Alan McCullochDigital Innovation Lead

    Following a successful career in advertising (creative and media), which included building the digital operations of the some of the world’s largest agencies, including Saatchi and Saatchi, Grey Advertising and McCann, Alan held the position as Chairman of the IPA Digital Committee for three years where his white paper ‘How The West Was Won’ was instrumental in brokering the model for trading digital media between advertising, publishers, and agencies. A model that is still in place today. After a period building offshore creative delivery as Chief Digital Officer for Ninestars and 2adpro in India, he returned to the UK as ESET’s Marketing Director. Alan joined Orckid in 2022 and is focussed on guiding and advising clients on digital business transformation.

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'Making sense of...' reports

We’re publishing a series of reports under the title ‘Making Sense of…’ which are intended to act as an introduction to our thinking and approach. The first report looked into Innovation and Catalytic Thinkers and can be viewed here, whilst the second will focus on Trust, Truth and Authenticity, and the third on Future Cities.


We’ll be hosting a series of events driven by our work and reports. Our first event will look at Anticipatory Leadership in partnership with the Copenhagen Institute of Futures Studies in London later this year.


We shall soon be launching our Selbey Labs podcast exploring Anticipatory Leadership.

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