Selbey Labs - Books of the Month (Feb 2023)

Selbey Labs - Books of the Month (Feb 2023)

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Selbey Labs - Books of the Month (Feb 2023)

Waterstones Piccadilly is Europe’s biggest bookstore. Taking a lead from some of the titles featured in their ‘Business is Business’ display in February, here are our recommendations…

‘Black Box Thinking’ by Mathew Syed

Focusing on organisational psychology, with a particular focus on the valuable lessons to be gained from experiencing failure, the dynamic Mathew Syed gives inspiring examples of those who’ve learnt and benefited from failure, and in doing so, turned it into success.

‘Culture Map’ by Erin Meyer

Linking with Erin’s site, which enables you to receive a ‘cultural map’ of the countries and/or cultures with which you may be liaising; this book provides tactical and strategic methodologies for dealing with cultural barriers.

‘Ego is the Enemy’ by Ryan Holiday.

According to the orator Demosthenes ‘virtue begins with understanding and is fulfilled by courage’. Meanwhile, this inspiring book proposes that all too often, the biggest hurdles confronting us are not caused by external issues…

‘IdeaFlow’ by Jeremy Uttley

This guide teaches how to an establish a daily creative practise, develop great ideas on demand, research how ideas will work and persuade those around you on the importance of centering ‘ideaflow’.

‘Out of Office’ by Anne Helen Petersen

In this title, co-written with her partner, Anne explains the history of workplace culture and how to use the reformulated employment landscape to define new ways of working.

‘Pivot’ by Will Page

Spotify’s first Financial Director explains how to identify and act on disruption. In doing so, he interprets the lessons learnt into eight ‘Pivot Principles’ for use by citizens, companies and governments alike.

‘The Reset’ by Elizabeth Uviebinen

Elizabeth believes that we’re at a catalytic historical moment that’s impacting us on both an individual and societal basis. The implications of this moment e.g. regarding the social contract and employment, are profound.

‘Superforecasting’ by Philip Tetlock

This renowned title on decision-making outlines the key attributes of the forecaster. Along the way, it outlines lessons from those, such as the intelligence services, for whom ‘getting prediction right’ is of central importance…

‘Uncharted’ by Margaret Heffernan

Covid illuminated a wider problem faced by society, according to the author, who believes that we live in a world where so much is unpredictable, and therefore must fundamentally reappraise how we work and live as individuals and as societies.

and finally…

‘Influencers & Revolutionaries’ by Sean Pillot de Chenecey

It’s always nice to see a book authored by one of the Selbey Labs team, and this book describes the emerging movements and niches of growth impacting international markets and industries.

Selbey Labs will be recommending books on a monthly basis, so please look out for our personal favourites in March.

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