Making Sense of... Foresight: A Selbey Labs Series

Making Sense of... Foresight: A Selbey Labs Series

Sean Pillot de CheneceyHead of Foresight & Strategy, Selbey Labs
Making Sense of... Foresight: A Selbey Labs Series

How to successfully adapt, evolve and thrive in a changing world.

The World Economic Forum reports that “leaders are trying to better understand new business models that will enable them to survive in a world permeated by frequent shocks”.

Meanwhile, management theory has long stressed that leaders have been facing volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (‘VUCA’) futures; but business schools now teach another acronym, where matters have been further complicated by a world that is ‘BANI’ as in brittle, anxious, nonlinear and incomprehensible.

Dealing with these new challenges calls for new approaches. Hence the need for greater understanding and usage of the role that foresight plays in planning and implementation, when making strategic decisions with confidence has become increasingly difficult.

That’s why Selbey Labs constantly scan for emerging issues and signals of the future, working on catalytic foresight and scenario planning activities that illuminate potential opportunities and threats facing businesses. 

To do so, we utilise a dynamic methodology that empowers teams and organisations to develop the insights and skills required to successfully prepare, adapt and thrive in a changing world.

To find out how we do so, please download the report here:

Making Sense of ForesightMaking Sense of Foresight
Sean Pillot de Chenecey
Sean Pillot de Chenecey
Head of Foresight & Strategy, Selbey Labs

Sean is a strategist, author and speaker. Fascinated by the catalysts of social & cultural change, he has a deep level of knowledge re: ‘Now/Next/Why’. As a public speaker, he focuses on trust (re: his book The Post-Truth Business) and/or innovation (re: his book Influencers & Revolutionaries). His talks also link to his podcast #TheNewAbnormal.

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