Ep 20: Data Ethics in Marketing with Steven Millman

Ep 20: Data Ethics in Marketing with Steven Millman

Dom HawesGroup CEO, Selbey Anderson
Ep 20: Data Ethics in Marketing with Steven Millman

This special episode of Marketing Trek stars award winning data scientist, Dynata's Steven Millman. Our host, Dom Hawes, caught him on a flying trip to the UK to talk about the ethics surrounding data use in Marketing.

In the episode:

  • Understand different types of data (first, third, zeroth, proxy etc) and where risks lie
  • Find out why governments struggle to legislate data
  • Hear how businesses should balance legal and ethical standards of data use always remembering that trust matters most
  • Discover how businesses choose which compliance framework to adopt when communicating globally
  • Learn how Dynata's massive first party data panel means they can support targeting without using IP address tracking

About The Guest

Steven is an award-winning researcher currently leading Dynata’s Global Research & Data Science Centre of Excellence, solving complex challenges for clients by leveraging statistics, AI/ML and other advanced research techniques. Steven serves on the board of trustees of the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), where he also chairs the analytics committee, and is a member of the Market Research Council.


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Dom Hawes
Dom Hawes
Group CEO, Selbey Anderson

Dom leads group development at Selbey Anderson and has been in the marketing business for over 25 years. He started his professional career after serving six years in the British Army and spent his early career in agency before moving in-house and into general management.

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