Digital Radish

An award-winning brand and ABM agency for high-growth technology businesses.

Digital Radish is the award-winning brand and ABM agency for high-growth technology businesses. It works with change-making B2B clients at moments of strategic transition, helping them to take advantage of business opportunities and break new ground. In 2021, Digital Radish won Agency Of The Year at the B2B Marketing Awards by focusing on what was best for clients and employees, rather than on metrics like profit and revenue.

Marketing roots

Digital Radish was formed in 2013 by Lorna Charlish and Renaye Edwards, two client-side marketers who wanted to create an agency driven by strategic direction and complete client commitment, where no one gets the Sunday blues.

The agency’s ethos is that if you put people first, the results will follow, and the passion, talent and dedication of the team has been the backbone of Digital Radish’s rapid growth ever since.

What makes a Radish

The Radishes are forward-thinkers, go-getters and first-on-the-dance floor types who love what they do. Their people-first approach has resulted in B2B Marketing Awards every year since the agency’s inception and incredible client feedback. Strategists, planners, creatives and storytellers, all committed to helping B2B businesses take hold of opportunity with both hands.

Freedom to do what's best

A relentless focus on culture permeates everything Digital Radish does. The team are empowered to make key strategic decisions that drive both career progression and the agency’s growth. Guided by analytics spanning wellbeing, CSR and work-life balance, the agency has successfully aligned the happiness of people with better results for clients.


Meet the Radishes

  • Lorna Charlish
    Lorna CharlishDirector

    With 18 years of B2B marketing experience directing the marketing for global technology, data and fintech businesses, Lorna’s focus is ABM for high growth tech clients, particularly analytics, big data and digital transformation.

  • Renaye Edwards
    Renaye EdwardsDirector

    Renaye brings over 15 years’ agency and in-house marketing experience to the team, having directed the marketing efforts of global technology, data and consultancy businesses. Her intricate knowledge of the client side ensures she creates the extremely effective go-to-market strategies needed to grow businesses at rates that break records. Her talent for quickly understanding and connecting with every person she meets underpins the friendly and insightful atmosphere of Digital Radish.

  • Matty Burrows
    Matty BurrowsCreative Director

    Matty develops award-winning brands and creative campaigns for our always-delighted clients. In a previous (working) life, he’s worked on campaigns for brands like Air France, Disney and Sky. His shortlisting for the best creative in the industry is a testament to his ingenious imagination and his extensive experience as a graphic designer in all types of marketing.

  • Adam Greener
    Adam GreenerAssociate Director

    Adam brings over 20 years’ B2B brand, strategy and ABM experience to the table honed from architecting global customer-centric initiatives for companies including Atos, Cognizant, Cisco, Dell, Oracle and Symantec. Adept at deconstructing, simplifying and customizing complex propositions for maximum impact, his background in consulting and mentoring is proving invaluable as Digital Radish grows at speed.

  • Sarah Purvis
    Sarah PurvisHead of Messaging and Content

    Sarah oversees our development of content strategies, creative campaigns and brand messaging. No matter what the industry or challenge, Sarah finds a way of blowing the socks off everyone she works with. She has a wonderful talent for finding a client’s unique voice and creating unusual, insightful content.

  • Chris Willocks
    Chris WillocksStrategy Director

    Chris has over 11 years’ experience in B2B marketing, working with big tech names like Cisco & Microsoft across both technical and creative projects. He brings a calm and collected influence to the team. He likes to really get under the skin of businesses, their products and the industry to inform and shape strategic marketing direction.

  • Ellie Mitchell
    Ellie MitchellClient Services Director

    Ellie has worked in agencies and in-house marketing teams for over 15 years, and combines her B2B and B2C experience from a range of industries to deliver world-class creative experiences across ABM, strategy, brand, and campaign execution.