Sharper B2B

Sharper B2B

Fresh Ideas & Firepower to absolutely nail your B2B marketing.

Sharper by name, Sharper by nature, and on a mission to make B2B marketing as a whole more creative, valued, and commercially successful. We give your B2B tech business the Fresh Ideas & Firepower to absolutely nail your marketing through clever strategic thinking, wonderfully creative campaigns, and practical MarTech expertise. Fancy making your B2B marketing Sharper? We're ready when you are...

We get your world

Because it's our world too.

We're all battle-hardened client-side marketers building the agency we wish we could have worked with when we were in your shoes.

We're fearlessly creative

But we underpin EVERYTHING we do with metrics and measures of success. That we way can show and prove exactly what's been delivered and you will know you're getting bang for your marketing buck.

We're easy to deal with...

But we're direct, challenge how you think, and ask your the hard questions to uncover the right answers. As a great agency partner should.



  • Russ Powell
    Russ PowellFounder/MD

    Russ is a marketing heavy-weight with over a dozen years’ experience on the client-side for some of the biggest names in B2B tech. Russ is obsessed with understanding what makes people tick, coming up with weird and wonderful ideas, and melding the former with the later to create awesome marketing. He’s also an ex-stand up comic (which explains a lot), devoted husband, dad to two little herberts, bookworm, and decidedly average footballer, runner, and golfer.