Episode 23: Marketing’s Role in Recession with Peter Russell-Smith

Episode 23: Marketing’s Role in Recession with Peter Russell-Smith

Dom HawesGroup CEO, Selbey Anderson
Episode 23: Marketing’s Role in Recession with Peter Russell-Smith

Do you want to succeed in a recessionary market? Peter Russell-Smith joins Dom Hawes to explain how to maximise growth and adjust to market conditions. Discover how to expand and modify your business strategy for success even though times are hard.

In his day job as Managing Partner at the Big Business Agency, Peter helps tech and software CEOs solve complex problems and maintain growth. B2B is facing an uphill battle against rising staff costs, labour shortages, banking failures, funding slowdowns and sluggish decision making. But you’re not going to move your business forward by standing still and waiting for the slowdown to pass.

Content highlights

In this episode you hear how to:

  • Adapt your business strategy to rising staff costs and talent shortages
  • Master the art of navigating challenging market conditions
  • Implement recession-resistant growth strategies that can help your entrepreneurial pursuits succeed
  • Understand the dynamic role of marketing amid digitisation, economic nationalisation, and remote work trends
  • Fortify your marketing leadership by using specialised niche strategies


About Peter Russell-Smith

Peter is an Australian living in UK and is the Managing Partner of Big Business Agency Ltd, a company specialising in B2B software growth for founders and PE investors. Peter is a former CEO with an internationally proven track record growing B2B Enterprise SAAS and technology-based businesses ranging in size from £25m-£400m with a range of ownership structures including publicly listed and PE backed (Hg Capital, Vista Equity, TPG).

Peter’s career started out installing PLC and DDC automated controls systems in manufacturing and progressed through to senior Sales & Marketing roles for global enterprise software and implementation companies like PeopleSoft and PwC before taking on CEO roles. He holds an MBA (Monash University) and a Bachelor of Engineering (Hon) (University of NSW) and is a certified Management Accountant.

As a passionate catch and release fly fisherman, Peter serves on the Bann Management Committee of The Honourable The Irish Society.

Links and resources

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Websites: Big Business Agency

References: Ansoff Matrix | Full Show Notes

Dom Hawes
Dom Hawes
Group CEO, Selbey Anderson

Dom leads group development at Selbey Anderson and has been in the marketing business for over 25 years. He started his professional career after serving six years in the British Army and spent his early career in agency before moving in-house and into general management.

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