Challenge Lazy Thinking at DifferenceMakers™ Event

Challenge Lazy Thinking at DifferenceMakers™ Event

Sophy NorrisGroup Client Director, Selbey Anderson
Challenge Lazy Thinking at DifferenceMakers™ Event

This week, my local evening news opined on the “state of the world.” The list of issues featured the pandemic, war, inflation, the environment and energy crises, our new Prime Minister and the fact we all are dealing with the ‘cost of living’ (though I think that final one is perennial). Social media is as outraged with the fact that ITV’s This Morning offered a prize of four months of paid energy bills as it is with Jack Monroe, aka the 'Bootstrap Cook’, proffering money-saving food tips to the cash-strapped masses.

“It’s the economy, stupid” 

We get it. It’s dire out there. But this is the system we have and by gum this is the system we will use.

Not. Good. Enough.

This is why Selbey Anderson champions people and ideas that deliver difference, and the reason that DifferenceMakers™ has become part of the DNA of many of its agencies. At Unity, we nurture counterculture and alternative thinking at all levels. Yes, it might be uncomfortable at times, but it drives change and change is what the brands of tomorrow should be seeking. 

Emerging Economic Models and the Rising Need for Purpose

Wednesday 28th September | 8:30–11:15am | Royal Geographical Society


Selbey Anderson, together with its agencies, wants to share the power of thinking differently with its wider network, and the DifferenceMakers™ Series will deliver just that.

Unsurprisingly, the first in our series, curated by Unity’s strategy team, doubles down on the economy (stupid). We are asking some of the leading creative, economic and ESG minds of our day why our economic system is no longer fit for purpose and what an alternative can, and should, look like if we are to emerge from this “state of the world” ready for a better future.  This event has been created for any brand or individual interested in a new and better way of doing business. 

Unity has handpicked the panel not just for their expertise but their explosive thinking and ability to challenge norms and question everything. These industry leaders include: 

  • Keynote speaker Nina Skero, CEO of CEBR, a world-leading economics consultancy based in London. Her research spans topics as diverse as the effect of WeWork on the economy to the impact of the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ on the nation’s finances. 
  • Panel member Robert Senior, former CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide and Founder of Fallon. Robert is one of the most provocative thinkers in the creative world today and is part of the team behind the world-famous Cadbury’s Gorilla advert. 
  • Panel member Nancy Hobhouse, Head of ESG at Evri (formerly Hermes). Nancy is at the forefront of delivery ESG strategies for some of the UK’s biggest brands including Evri, John Lewis and Barclays, helping drive change and progress through purposeful business practices. 

Please click on the link below to find out more and RSVP. This is a must-do event for anyone pushing for real change and a different future.  

Learn, challenge and join the DifferenceMakers™ revolution. 


Sophy Norris
Sophy Norris
Group Client Director, Selbey Anderson

Sophy has an impressive track record in PR and communications and most recently was MD of Selbey Anderson agency Unity.  Across her career she has worked with some of the world's best brands including Eurotunnel, Amadeus, AT&T, Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, Global Recycling Day, trivago and Her focus is on strategic and creative planning, and she brings excitement, innovation and rigour to the award winning campaigns she works on. Now, as Group Client Director for Selbey Anderson, Sophy will be taking a strategic and client-first approach to the expanding Group portfolio and opportunities.  

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