Lock Down Your Aerials

Gerry Hopkinson
CEO, Selbey Labs

Lock Down Your Aerials

CEO, Selbey Labs
CEO, Selbey Labs
Selbey Labs, the research, foresight and advisory practice of Selbey Anderson has unveiled details of its new podcast series called Signal Strength which airs today across Spotify and Apple platforms.

Selbey Labs has produced a new podcast series called Signal Strength which helps busy professionals separate the "signals from the noise".

The name riffs on the engineering practice of understanding SNR (Signal/Noise Ratio) and pulling out the signal from the noise of transmission, most famously by the NASA scientists who had to pull out the relevant signals ie data from the spacecraft amongst all the electro-magnetic noise in the universe.

Selbey Labs is on a mission to gain greater clarity on emerging opportunities and threats facing complex, fast-growth brands and businesses and our podcast, like the NASA engineers before us, seeks to dial down the noise and find the emerging signals worth following.

What does all this have to do with marketing and business strategy?

Well, there’s a lot of brand, customer, financial and cultural noise out there on any given day but underneath it all, there are signals that indicate emerging opportunities and threats. How do you separate the signals from the noise and when you do, how do you respond?

Signal Strength is a podcast series that introduces listeners to the emerging opportunities and threats that they need to think about and create a safe space to learn how to respond to them.

We talk to leading thinkers, experts and pioneers in their fields who are defining the best new playbooks and approaches to solving near future problems and exploiting near future opportunities.

Episode One looks at the impact of Geopolitics on brands with Selbey Labs faculty member Dr Elizabeth Stephens, an expert on Geopolitical risk. Other episodes will look at the emergence of Anticipatory Leadership, the return of face to face brand experience, the new tools and tech that are allowing brands to use social content to gather intelligence and insights and much more.

Dr Elizabeth Stephens talks to Selbey Labs CEO, Gerry Hopkinson and reveals how the geopolitical landscape is reshaping Europe for brands. She highlights the risks and opportunities for businesses in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and looks to the future.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Understand how geopolitical events should shape your business strategy
  • Identify lucrative green energy ventures
  • Handle the linguistic and cultural obstacles faced by European enterprises
  • Explore the power of technology in overcoming workforce deficiencies
  • Grasp the importance of worldwide collaboration for business growth

Key Takeaways

  • Businesses and brands should be mindful of their footprints, supply chains, and where they derive value from, as policies of host governments can change quickly, potentially leaving them with liabilities in a country where they legally could do business.
  • Look at markets where the values of host governments are more closely aligned, such as India, many other Asian countries, and South America.
  • Consider opportunities in the US, particularly in the manufacturing and industrial sectors, as well as in consumer goods.
  • Consider taking advantage of the US Inflation Reduction Act to invest in green technologies. EU and UK companies can also benefit from the subsidies, as long as the product has a high Made in America component.
  • Nuclear power will likely see a move back in the UK and France, and gradually in Germany, as it is a way to generate sufficient power to consume energy in the way we do now.
  • Wind power and solar power will also see considerable investment, particularly in the UK and certain

The series will be hosted by myself and Selbey Anderson CEO Dom Hawes and will feature many of the Selbey Labs faculty and wider team.

We will also shortly be launching a dedicated Signal Strength website which will feature all our episodes, show notes, links to useful information and a digest of the key points from each episode.

Gerry Hopkinson

CEO, Selbey Labs
Following a successful career in communications, including co-founding award-winning agency Unity (now part of the Selbey Anderson Group), Gerry set up Selbey Labs in April 2022. Through his work at Unity over the past two decades he has developed a perspective on the role of brands in culture, the importance of observation and benefits of testing and learning.